Every company with parents as employees will hear at some point about the stress of college planning for their child. Parents often wonder how they will find “the right fit” AND how they can afford it. The process is overwhelming and daunting.

Prescott College Consulting offers a Lunch & Learn program to mid to large size companies. The program is designed to educate employees regarding the college preparation and selection process. Some areas we address during our programs are:

  • College Readiness and Preparation
  • College Planning 101
  • Maximizing Financial Aid
  • Current Trends in College Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Testing Requirements and the Differences
  • Extra-curricular and Summer Planning for High School Students

Our sessions are an hour in length. Employees are given ample time to ask questions and receive proven strategies they can use in their family’s college process. For additional information, please click here or contact us at 267-460-8455.

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