Prescott College Consulting provides financial aid assistance. We would be remiss if we did not address the affordability factor when guiding families through the college process. A child’s college education is one of the largest investments a family will probably make outside of purchasing a home.

When working with families in the financial aid process we address need base aid and merit base awards. One myth is that a student must be a straight A student and near perfect test scores to get any financial aid. That is simply not true. Of course strong academics help with earning financial aid awards but other factors such as extracurricular activities, geography and family financial stability also can be taken into account.

We stress to parents not to just look at the sticker price when looking at affordability. Many schools have flexibility in their tuition structure. You may hear it called a “discount rate” and it is typically not well publicized. Through our research and professional development we make it a point to learn as much as we can about a college’s tuition structure.

Our financial aid support program includes:

  • A comprehensive report detailing families estimated family contribution and how it is taken into account for specific schools.
  • A long term overview of how financial aid will change as your child progresses through college.
  • Access to our financial aid data tool to easily compare cost of attendance and need met for different colleges.
  • Assistance with the completion and filing of federal and school specific financial aid forms correctly and on time.
  • Support with interpreting financial aid awards.
  • Guidance and strategies to negotiate or appeal a financial aid decision when needed.
  • Help with addressing situations such as divorce, family owned businesses or other non -traditional circumstances in the financial aid process.

We pride ourselves in providing expert advice to assist families in getting the maximum financial aid. We take a holistic view to the college process and encourage families to take their financial aid information to their financial planners or certified public accountants to address investment and tax strategies that families may be entitled to.